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Why is there an apple on apple macs

It is because the apple is the logo for Apple Inc.

The Apple Logo are Exclusively Licensed to Apple Corps LTD (The Beatles)and Apple Computer copied the Logo.

Apple Corps Ltd (The Beatles) took Apple Computer to court,and a deal was reached that Apple Computer could use the Logo has long has it had nothing to do with Musical Content. EMI own the Exclusive rights to the Logo.

Is apple the computer brand?
Apple is a company that makes a brand of computer called Macintosh which are often referred to as Macs or Apple Macs.

Are apple Macs good?
yes, Apple macs are brilliant, and they are very expensive and valued very much!

Are Apple Macs Really Made From Apples If so Which Type Of Apples?
Apple Macs are not made from Apples.

How is apple macs made?
in an apple orchard

Where are Macs made?
All Macs are designed by Apple in California but manufactured in China.

Why do Intermediates use apple Macs?
Macs have always been popular in the education sector because a lot of educational software was developed specifically for Macs. Many schools who decided to use Macs early have continued to work with them. Schools also often prefer to use Apple Macs because of their reliability and ease of use for students. Because Apple makes both the hardware and huawei honor Samsung Galaxy Note 10 specs 20 pro specs software with Macs, there are few problems that arise over the Mac's life.

Is steam available on apple Mac?
Yes Steam is available on Apple Macs.

Which OS does apple Macs use?
The latest Intel Macs can run Windows, Linux or Apple OSX, just depends on what disc you put in it and accidentally blat your hard drive!

Do apple macs have updates?
Yes. Regular ones.

What do the 'apple' company specialise in?
apple specialises in many items. the best item that has come out of Apple is the many ranges of ipods. They also specialise in computers. Macs. i like macs and they have great programs but flaws in their systems make their programs quit unexpectantently. enjoy!

Who made apple macs?
Steve Jobs founded Apple Computers on April 1, 1976.

What year did apple macs come out?
The Apple Macintosh was available to buy on 24th January 1984.

Are there any apple laptops other than mac?
I believe the only laptops Apple has are Macs.

What generation are apple laptops on now?
apple laptops- do you mean apple macs but any way they are in the generation which were we are born so if

What products does apple own?
ipad ipod iphone macs

What is the word for paint on an apple computer?
Paintbrush is the equivalent to Paint for Apple Macs. (See links below)

nightWhat does the apple company sell?
Apple inc. sell many products to do with electronics. Ipods, Macs, Iphones, apple TV, huawei honor 20 galaxy a30 specs Ipads, Earphones

When did they invented apple macs?
Apple developed the Macintosh during the early 1980s and it was first available in January 1984.

Is cydia only for iPhone?
It's available for all apple devices except macs. (yes, there is for Apple tv)

How do you open rar files on apple macs?
Use a program such as unRarX.

Are apple Macs easy to use?
Apple macs are the easiest computers to use. Macs are perfect for people who do not know much about computers, or do not want to learn much about how computers work. They are also perfect for people who do know a lot about computers or who do want to learn about how computers work. The operating system is simple to use and can be mastered quickly.

What is the keyboard shortcut for paste?
On Windows, it is Ctrl + V. On Macs it is Apple + V

Who invented apple macs?
Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronal Wayne

Who invented the apple macs?
Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronal Wayne

Where is a picture of the apple computer?
There are many pictures of Macs on the Apple website... (The image you are probably looking for would be of a Mac Pro or an iMac)

Does apple store match prices?
Unfortunately, no. If they did, you could get really cheap Macs, with warranties.

How big is a apple computer?
It depends on the kind of mac you get. Go to Apple and click on Mac at the top and it will give you the sizes of all the different Macs

How do you work an apple Mac?
Apple macs are just like any other computer. You switch it on, click on icons and type text into boxes.

Can you build an apple mac with Acer supplies?
Only Apple can legally build Macs. WikiAnswers does not provide information encouraging illegal activities.

Is there a way to play roblox on apple software?
Not yet, but admins there are "Saying" that they are working on it. It will be available for Macs but not for a while. Macs are good though. Great RAM, Hard drive, and OS.

What is the price of Apple Mac?
There are several apple macs available and they range from the least expensive macbook air costing a minimum of $999 to the most expensive macbook pro which costs $2800. Discounted macs or older models can be found on ebay or amazon for much less.

What OSS does Sprint use?
OSS is the Apple processing unit found in iPhones, Macs, and other apple devices. Sprint doesn't carry for Apple products so it does not have an OSS version.

Apple is making Intel-based Macs?
Yes, Apple does make Intel bases Mac computers starting January Samsung Galaxy Note 10 specs, 2006.

What are some games for Macs?
Apple maintains a Games section on their website (See links below) that provides details and links to demo versions to some of the many games available for Macs.

Do Macs come with iTunes?
All macs come new with iTunes and if set properly can be set to download all of the frequent free software updates to the software that apple makes available.

What computer games are on Macs?
The games available for Macs are too numerous to list but the Apple and Steam pages (See links below) give some idea of the range of games available.

What is Minecraft on?
The Computer (Macs and PCs), Xbox Live, Andriod Devices and Apple Devices and PS3

How do you write about Macs?
Depends on what you mean, just write about all the good stuff about macs (like the performance and stuff like that) and you should be fine. For more information, see the apple website! I also find that if you ring the apple company or visit a shop the will give you some great advice.

Do apple computers have PowerPoint?
Microsoft produce a version of PowerPoint for Apple Macs and Apple also produce their own KeyNote software which can import and export PowerPoint (.ppt etc.) file types.

What is the relationship between apple computer and Microsoft?
Microsoft office can be installed on Macs, s10 note antutu although there is a different version than Windows. There is little relationship between the two. Apple macs are only produced by Apple and no one else, whereas any company can make a PC running microsoft. Steve Jobs (founder of Apple) and Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) used to work together, but went their separate ways.

Does apple ever give away free macs to needy children?
Does Apple Computer Co. ever give free laptop computers to needy children?

Is apple Mac the best?
Yes apple Mac is the best it Has the fastest Internet also macs are known for lees viruses so I would prefere Mac

Do apple computers run flash player?
The latest version of Flash Player (currently version 10.3) for Apple Macs can be downloaded from the Adobe web site.

Why are Apple Macs so expensive?
Macs are expensive because they can be. Macs have a gross profit margin exceeding 35%, where PC makers (Dell, HP, Gateway, etc), have margins around 6%. People are simply willing to pay for the user friendliness and platform stability that comes with Macs, as opposed to their crash and virus prone PC cousins.

Does xploder work for apple Macs?
The New Xploder PS3 Professional Edition is MAC OS compatible

What computers use windows?
The 1969 macs should use windows....if not get the 69th generation apple mac.

Which manufacturer uses the Macintosh OS?
Computers made by Apple, called Macs, use the Macintosh OS.

Is it possible to have both Apple mac's and other types of computers on the same modem?
Apple Macs and other types of computers can be networked together and can happily share a modem.

What are the disadvantages of using apple mac instead of PC?
The Apple Mac is a personal computer (PC). Apple Macs can be down graded by running the Windows operating system on them like most other PCs. There are no disadvantages in using an Apple Mac.

What is an airport extreme card?
It is a card that fits inside your Apple computer and connects the computer to wireless networks. Recent Macs will have one plus 6 specs already fitted but you will need to add one to older Macs - after checking that they are compatible.

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