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What takes better video a video camera or a camera that has a video camera mode

<strong>antutu</strong> benchmarkObviously a Video Camera.
Much better Quality than a normal camera with a video function.

Can a fujifilm digital camera takes video?
you do it by pressing the "mode" button 3 times

Does the w350i have video mode?
Nope, just camera

Can you record video with a digital camera directly onto your computer?
With most video cameras you can. I can do it with my camera, just have the camera in Auto (or whatever your usual record mode is) instead of Play or VCR mode. It should stream straight into your computer.

How do you make a video into a 9 second picture?
Some cameras have setting on video mode called "Time lapse" you can then chose how many seconds apart it takes pictures, the camera will automatically make it in to a fast movie.

How do you get to video mode on a Canon PC1249 camera?
made in japan

How do you do video on a camera?
you turn on your camera and go to mode and go down to movie. i could tell you step by step if i knew the model

How do you play a video on a slick video camera?
This is what you do you click Mode twice then slecte a video with the arrows and then click record I have no clue how to Delete it my Delete wont work V.V

Does Straight Talk Samsung galaxy a80 antutu score Proclaim have a front facing camera If it doesnt how does Skype work?
The Proclaim does not have a front-facing camera. What looks like a camera is a light-sensor. Skype works in voice mode on the Proclaim. The person you are talking to can answer in video mode and you will see them but they will not see you. When I installed Skype on my Proclaim I started having problems with the phone shutting down by itself. Skype takes over your phone. It manages a lot of things...

samsung 三星 galaxy tab2 p3110平板电脑   《<strong>antutu</strong> benchmark》What if your usb video camera v1.52 not sapported to windows7?
their is a compatibility mode, try it or else use dual OS

How do you get to camera mode on Super Smash Bros melee?
Choose melee mode then choose special melee then choose camera mode you must have a controller plugged into the 4th socket to play camera mode.

Do your vivitar 8025 supposed to have sound with your video mode?
i couldnt find any??? and i listened closely, I am not sure what the mic vents on the top of the camera are for

Jvc gr-d850u i have the firewire and ulead software but i can't transfer the movies from the dv to my PC to burn on a DVD?
You need to list the steps you are taking to attempt to transfer the video. Say what you are doing so we can figure out what you are doing wrong. When I transfer my video, I: 1. Connect the video camera to the firewire 2. Turn on the camera in Play Mode 3. Start the ULead software 4. Tell ULead to Get Video or Capture Video from the video camera. The software runs the camera...

What is macro mode on a camera?
If you switch your camera on macro mode, it will basically put the camera onto a special focus mode which will let you get really close to the subject and produce super magnified results

What is the A setting on a camera dial?
It usually means "automatic." In that mode, the camera makes all the decisions except when to push the button to take the picture. Some do a better job than others.

How can you tell if your tablet has front and back camera?
See if there is a small round above or below in front of the tablet, it is the camera. See a small round at the back too. In case you are still confused, try to go to camera then check out the camera mode if there is a self mode or in front camera mode.

Explain the difference between animation and video?
• A video is created using a camcorder, mobile, or a movie camera and no preparation is needed and one can just pick up the camera and start shooting any object, still or moving, with the camera. • Animation is created by a cartoonist or an artist who draws a series of illustrations in different angles that are fed into a computer to convert them into a video mode adding music or voices. • Making...

How do you move the camera vertically in construction mode of Kerbal Space Program?
To move the camera vertically in construction mode of Kerbal Space Program, you have to use the IVA mode.

What is cif dual-mode camera?
camera and webcam

What are exposure modes on a camera?
In a traditional camera there were shutter priority, aperture priority and maybe program mode. In digital cameras there can be an almost endless list of modes. Automatic mode, manual mode, macro mode, portrait mode, night mode, galaxy a10 antutu score indoor mode, snow mode, stitch assist mode and the list goes on and on.

What is burst mode in camera?
BUrst mode is when your camera take numerous photos at one time its also known as multishots on some cameras

How do you delete a video?
At least on iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad, you go to the camera full size mode, tap the screen once if the menu is not shown, then tap the picture of a trash bin in the bottom right corner, then press "delete video".

What is the difference between an ipod touch fourth generation and an ipod touch 1st generation?
there is BIG difference. the 4th generation has smaller pixels, built in speaker, built in mic, its faster, it has facetime-( a web cam camera on the front), a HD video camera on the back, for video and pictures. it aslo is way more organized, and nice, and it has airplane mode.

Speedlight Sb600 flesh work with Nikon d90 camera with 18 to 105 lance?
ifNikon d90 digital slr camera on auto mode can we use flesh sb600 on this mode or only manual mode

Function of the camera?
There are poo mode, pee mode, anus mode, vomit mode and disgust mode. (P.S.The super farting mode is the best one to take photographs)

How do you see your face in creative mode minecraft?
Press F5 to switch camera mode

How do you change the camera angle in Super Smash Bros Brawl?
Camera angles can be changed either when you pause the game or if you go to special brawl mode in group mode you can change the camera angles to either fixed or angled.

Which camera is better iPhone or android?
The iPhone is a device. Android is an operating system, it is not a device. It is impossible to compare hardwares between a device and an operating system. However, you can compare the camera applications. Well, here is the strong points of the iPhone's camera application: 1. HDR 2. Panorama mode 3. Luminosity effects And the Android 4.2 camera app: 1. Sphere mode (you can take few pictures and assemble it as spheres). 2. Special...

What is the difference between a regular digital camera and a digital still camera?
A digital camera can be either a "still camera" or a "moving camera", or Samsung-patented folding phone both. A still camera captures still images - pictures that doesn't move. When people refer to something simply as a "camera", this is usually the type that's being referred to. A moving camera, also called "motion camera", "video camera", or more commonly as "camcorder" records motion pictures - pictures that moves. Most modern digital cameras will do both. They will capture...

How do you get on camera mode on Super Smash Bros Melee?
Well, its only available if your in V.S. mode on special melee, when you got on special melee you select camera mode and plug in a controller in player 4. By: Robert Colby Davis

Games that use the camera mode on the dsi?
you can use the camrera mode when you are playing the simpsons game

How do you take a screenshot in GTA4?
For this you will need gta 4 PC version. After playing, enter the theater mode and using the built in video editor, adjust the camera angles until you like it, and take a snapshot.

Is video poker better than slots?
Both are very similar with the way that they offer the auto-play mode, however players typically like to play video poker if they want to be in control of their gaming.

How do you change your camera to play mode?
read the instructions :)

You need to change the video mode video mode of your monitor?
Access the input menu on the monitor and select the video input you want. Some monitors have a video select switch on the outside of the case.

What part of the camera provides the selection of shutter speeds?
If the camera has a "shutter priority mode", usually called "S mode", then the shutter speed is controlled directly by the user when the camera is in this mode, by moving a dial or pressing a button (or both). If the camera has a "manual" mode, usually called "M mode", PUBG Mobile will spread the disease with the update then the shutter speed and aperture are both controlled directly by the user by moving dials or pressing buttons (or both). Some cameras have automatic...

What is the best camera for close up photogrophy?
There isn't exactly a "best camera" that you can use on close-up photos. Any camera with a good zoom that has good clarity too would work. If you are talking about close-ups for like Nature scenes if you have a camera with a Flower mode, Or nature scene mode, or scenery mode put it on one of those modes and experiment! Taking photos is fun! I hope this helped! :)

Can you plug your camera to your computer and use it for ooVoo instead of using a webcam?
Depends if your camera support webcam mode...

Which video game is better Call of Duty Black Ops or Halo Reach?
cod 7 is extremely gay it takes the diving from gears of war and also takes the torque bow form gears of war and also takes theater mode from halo 3 overall cod 7 have boosters, lag switchers, moders and campers. Halo reach is fun and they call it the most anticipated game of the year for a reason so there you have it guys

Does a canon EOS 600d have a raw mode?
Yes it does. Change the setting through the 'Quality' menu. You can have Jpeg (various sizes), RAW/Jpeg (camera takes one of each and saves them both), or RAW only.

How do you put your minecraft in High Definition Mode?
There is no "High Definition Mode", but you can hit esc, open Settings, click on Video Settings, and change the graphics, smooth lighting, Clouds, Particles, etc. to make the game look better.

samsung 三星 galaxy tab2 p3110平板电脑   《<strong>antutu</strong> benchmark》How can you activate your nokia 5800 secondary camera?
First, just go into camera mode. Then click on options>use secondary camera. The secondary camera would be activated and you will be able to use your secondary camera to take pictures.

What is better a digital camera or aregular camera?
Digital camera is better. Canon EOS 5D Mark II If you're looking for an excellent, full-frame DSLR, the 5D Mk2 is very, very good. It's at least 1 full F-stop more sensitive to light than my Canon 1DS Mk2. A setting of ASA 800 or 1000 yields about the same noise level as my older camera at ASA 400. It's autofocus system is very fast and accurate on single shot mode. -Much better image quality...

How do you use the video feature on a Canon Powershot A540?
Step 1: Select the shooting mode to video. (If U can't do this plz see the Quick/full reference guide.) Step2: Full press the shutter button to start recording step3: Full press the sutter button to stop recording. Regarding how much (time) of video you can record at a one go plz refer to the camera manual. This depends upon your available amount of space. There some restrictions when you shoot in video mode. Plz refer...

What is an attract mode?
An attract mode is a demonstration mode of a video game designed to attract people to play it further.

Why use a digital camera instead of still frame from camcorder?
Because a camcorder in camera mode is "about" 1 to 3 megapixels (as a digital camera), and the photos look terrible in comparison to a dedicated digital camera.

What should be the aperture be when photographing long exposure?
Set the camera to Auto mode so that the camera will adjust it self according to the situation.

What is the difference between bypass mode and virtual mode on lg home cinema systems?
Bypass mode is for listening to audio the way it was intended by the creators. Virtual mode is for up-scaling stereo sources to surround speakers (like Dolby Pro Logic). If your listening to a DVD or Blu-ray, choose Bypass to listen to the exact audio the movie was mixed with (no added processing effects). If your playing a video game without surround sound, watching an internet video clip, or music, Virtual mode will give you...

Do all cameras have scene mode?
No. Usually the camera will display on its packaging whether it has scene mode or not. If it doesn't say, then it probably doesn't have it.

What does the program mode do on your digital camera?
It is bassically a kind of Auto mode but with some kind of flexibility and control over the settings. Here in this mode you can set certain settings like the colour mode, flash settings, exposure, ISO, etc. But the aperture settings and the shutter speed will be automatically taken by the camera. That's it. It's easier for amateurs to use the P (Program) mode than the M (Manual) mode to click with a little manual...

What do you do if there is no sound on a video taken on a Canon PowerShot A610?
change video mode

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