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Who is stronger Android 16 or Android 17-

Android 17 is stronger than Android 16 because it is a later version.

Who is stronger Android 16 or Android 17?
16, because he says that his power is equal to Imperfect Cell, and 17's power was equal to Super Namiekian Piccolo, and 17 didn't beat Cell, so that would probably mean 16 is stronger :]

Who is stronger android 18 or 17-?
Android 17 is stronger because he managed to stay alive and came back in Dragon Ball GT much stronger because Doctor Gero did some work on him.

Who is stronger android 18 or 17?
Android #18 is actually stronger than Android #17. Even though #17 was programmed slightly stronger than her, he was unable to use the 100% of his power (Dr. Gero's flaw, corrected on #18), making #18 the strongest of both twins. This was verified by Akira Toriyama himself during an interview.

In Dragon Ball Z how many androids are there?
6 in Dragon Ball Z Android 13 Android 16 Android 17 Android 18 Android 19 Android 20

How many androids in dragonball?
In Dragon Ball there is Android 8. In Dragon Ball Z there is Android 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20. Cell is also an organic android. In the Dragon Ball Z movies there is Android 13,14,15 and Super Android 13. In Dragon Ball GT there is a fusion between the dead Android 17 and galaxy a8s antutu ranking another Android 17 to make Super 17.

Who is stronger future gohan or android 17?
Future gohan but the reason he got killed was because they teamed up on him.

Is broly stronger than android 17 and 18?
Of course!! Broly is the legendary super saiyian!! he could beat the living tard out of them! Also, in the movie, bio broly, huawei y9 2019 antutu score huawei mate rs antutu score 20 lite antutu score broly was beating up android 18

Who is stronger Android 18 or Vegeta?
Android 18 is stronger than Vegeta when he is in SSJ or base form; however, ascended Super Saiyan and SSJ2 is more than enough to beat Android 18.

How old is android 17?
android 17 never ages so hes 17.

Is android 17 a boy or a girl?
android 17 is a boy not a girl

Dbz Is android 17 agirl or a boy?
android 17 is a boy

Does android 16 come back to life after cell kills him?
Nope, since he's an android, he has no soul to be restored to life. ^ actually that's wrong, because both Android 17 and 18 come back to life. From this, 16 does come back, you just don't see him. Technically, he'd be wished back as well. ^No actually you are wrong, first off android 18 never died...she was spat back out during the cell games... second 16 was NOT revived because he was not human...

Is Goku stronger then android 18?

How does Goku beat android 17?
i think goku defeated android 17 by using a full power kamehameha No Android 17 was fightig Piccolo when Cell absorbed him. he was never defeated.

Who defeat android 18 and 17?
cell absorbed android 17 and 18 so pretty much cell defeated them but android 18 gets brought back to life and galaxy a10 antutu score a20 antutu score i think android 17 was also brought back to life

How did android 17 and 18 became androids?
Android 17 and Android 18 don't exist yet. We are only at 3.1 Ice Cream Sandwich

Does android 17 love krillin?
Android 18 was the one who loved Krillin. 17's her brother.

How did the future android 17 came to the past?
maybe android 17 came to the past of the future timeline which means when future android 17 came past android 17 must of came to the future becaese of baby dr.gero alternate so maybe that's the answer if it's not then i have no idea/ hop i helped

Does curling date android 17 in Dragon Ball Z?
By curling I take it you mean Krillin ? Well to answer your question, no Krillin does not date Android 17, he dates android 18. 17 was the boy android, 18 was the blonde girl android he had a crush on. He eventually marries her and they have a child, a little girl named Marron.

Is Cell is the Better Android than both Super 17 and Super Android 13?
he is better than 13 but not super 17

What episode of Dragon Ball Z does android 17 die?
Android 17 dies in episode "Say Goodbye, 17". Season 8 of Dragonball Z. Cell absorbed him.

Who would win in a fight of super android 13 vs broly?
Broly would win in a fight of Super Android because he is much stronger.

Is android 8 fully android like 16?
There's no any version named Android 8 or samsung galaxy s10 antutu score Android 16, the latest version currently Android is Android 5.0 Lollipop and its has announced recently i.e. 15th October 2014.

What is better Android or Symbian?
Android definitely they have a stronger operating system and have adobe flash players thatbyou can install them and sometimes they already come installed on the phone.

Is android 17 gay?
no but he is not male or female either cause he is a android robot dude :P

Maker of Android 17 and Android 18 in dragon ball Z?
Dr.Gero from the red ribbon army goku fought in dragonball. Dr.Gero 17 killed him wen 17 and 18 were brought to life.

Who would win out of a battle with Super Perfect Cell vs Super Android 13 and Full Power Bojack?
Super Perfect Cell could easily destroyed them in a long battle because for Super Android 13 in his normal state he doesn't seem to be as strong as Androids 17 and samsung galaxy s10 antutu score 18, who are able to keep up with and even surpass a Super Saiyan's power. After absorbing the components of 14 and 15, Android 13 is given an enormous power boost. Super Android 13 is much stronger than 16 also because Androids 17 and...

Who is stronger goku ssj4 or super 17?
Sure .. Super 17 is stronger :d

How many androids were introduced in Dragon Ball Z?
In DragonBall and DragonBall Z, there are a total of 20 androids; in DragonBall Z, 5 androids were introduced. Android 16: Purely mechanical, with greater power and self-destruct mechanism. Android 17: A male cyborg forcibly transformed; he has infinite energy. Android 18: A female cyborg forcibly transformed; she has infinite energy. Android 19: Either a cyborg or machine (likely the former), this android can absorb energy through his palms. Android 20: Dr. Gero himself, this...

Who would win android 16 or goku?
When Android 16 and Goku scale against each other, the Goku is the one that is most likely to win this duel.

Were Android 17 and Android 18 from dbz a couple?
No they were brother and sister that were experimenrted on by Dr. Gero and made into androids

In Dragon Ball Z budokai 3 how do you get android 16?
In Dragonball Z Budokai 3: How Do You Get Android 16? You have to go to STORY MODE and play as Krillin. Then you have to find 16 and repair him with Bulma. That's how you get him.

What would Cell look like if he absorbs Android 16?
he would not look like anything, android 16 would still be alive so he would selfdistruct.

Who defeats android 17?
Cell in his first form.

Will Goku get well to fight the androids?
yes he does but the only androids he fought was android 13,19,16 and cell and super android 17

Where would you find the character Android 17?
Actually "Android 17" is a character in "Dragon Ball Z" released in 1989. Once can find out more about that character for example in the "International Movie Database".

Did the android 17 and android 18 still alive after 100 years of dragon ball gt?
You never find out in any official Dragon Ball media. Also 17 died in GT.

Is Android 16 a good guy in Dragon Ball Z?
Android 16 was shown to be gentle and not an antagonist in the manga; in fact, he sacrificed himself to attempt to kill Cell for nature.

What actors and actresses appeared in Super Dragon Ball Z - 2006?
The cast of Super Dragon Ball Z - 2006 includes: Takeshi Aono as Demon King Piccolo Dameon Clarke as Cell Cynthia Cranz as Chi-Chi Toshio Furukawa as Piccolo Kyle Hebert as Mystic Gohan Chuck Huber as Android 17 Jeremy Inman as Android 16 Takeshi Kusao as Mirai Trunks Josh Martin as Majin Buu Meredith McCoy as Android 18 Hikaru Midorikawa as Android 16 Stephanie Nadolny as Gohan Shigeru Nakahara as Android 17 Brina Palencia as...

What is the median for 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 17 17 17 17 17 17 18 18 18 20 21 25?
the median for 16,16,16,16,16,16,16,16,17,17,17,17,17,17,18,18,18,20,21,25 is 17

What are the ratings and certificates for Doctor Who - 1963 The Android Invasion Part Four 13-16?
Doctor Who - 1963 The Android Invasion Part Four 13-16 is rated/received certificates of: UK:PG (DVD rating)

Who are the characters in Dragon Ball raging blast?
The playable characters list (with transformations): 1. Android #16 2. Android #17 3. Android #18 4. Android #19 5. Android #20 AKA Dr. Gero 6. Broly (SSJ, Legendary Super Saiyan, and the game-exclusive Super Saiyan 3) 7. Burter 8. Captain Ginyu 9. Cell (Imperfect, Semi-Perfect, Perfect, Super Perfect) 10. Chiaotzu and more.. for a complete list visit: website

Does android 17 die?
yes all phones die

What dragonball gt episodes are returning villains in?
android 17!!!!!!!!!!!

Why did android 17 help goku gather energy?
Android 17 and his twin sister Android 18 are awakened by their "creator", Dr. Gero, when he is pressed into a desperate situation by the Z Fighters, who have surpassed his expectations because of the intense training they endured after Gero collected their statistic data. Severely disloyal to Gero in contrast to the android models which precede himself and his sister, Android 17 turns rogue on the scientist, impaling and decapitating him. Android 17 and...

What are the ratings and certificates for Android Insurrection - 2012?
Android Insurrection - 2012 is rated/received certificates of: Germany:16 USA:R

Does gohan die?
yes,by android 17 and 18 then trunks kills them

Is Android 17 married?
No. He is always killed before he can settle down.

How does Android 16 die in dbz?
he gets killed by cell

What are all the playable characters in Dragon Ball Z raging blast?
-Goku -Kid Gohan -Teen Gohan -Gohan -Goten -Kid Trunks -Trunks (sword) -Trunks (fighting teen) -Vegeta (scouter) -Nappa -Raditz -Bardock -Broly -Frieza (forms 1 - Final) -Cell (Forms 1 - Perfect) -Majin Buu -Super Buu -Kid Buu -Vegeta -Ginyu -Guldo -Burter -Recoome -Jeice -Gotenks -Vegito -Gogeta -Android #16 -Android #17 -Android #18 -Android #19 -Android #20 (Dr. Gero) -Dodoria -Zarbon

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