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The future of Apple

Even the biggest technophobes will have found it difficult to avoid Apple over the last decade. Its influence on the tech industry is undeniable with iPhones, iPods and Macbooks around every corner, on trains and buses, in the workplace and of course, pride of place in the home.

But now that Steve Jobs, the creative force behind this renowned brand, has passed away, just what does the future hold for Apple? Many would have you think that some life-changing ideas died along with Jobs, but Apple is too clever for that, huawei honor 20 pro antutu score mate 20 lite Galaxy a10 antutu score score right?

The company has produced numerous jobs for IT developers and a detailed knowledge of iOS is now vital for many IT jobs in general, but with its future looking uncertain, Apple will have to make some big announcements over the next year to hold off Microsoft and retain its crown.

Firstly, the nature of Apple’s products should give them little to worry about during life after Jobs. Sales of iPhones, Macbooks and iPads are still astronomical and its creations garner such a following that the release of the next generation will create as big a buzz as previous incarnations. Jobs’ marketing and design genius lives on and the momentum he started certainly shows no sign of abating.

It goes without saying that Apple’s current products have a bright future, but the technology industry is a competitive market and you can be certain that the company will not be happy with what it’s got and resting on its laurels.

Apple did not invent the markets that its products enjoy so much success in, but what it did do is take, Huawei Y6 2019 Antutu Score say, the portable music player and make it so much better than the competition, with beautiful design and perfect usability. Apple did the same with the laptop, smartphone and tablet, so what will it try next?

All indicators point towards the television market and although Apple TV has been about for a while, for Jobs it was always a little side project, almost a test drive for the big push.

An HDTV with streaming capabilities seems likely and Apple is particularly interested in cross-compatibility. This means you can be watching a film on your Apple TV and then finish watching it on the train on your iPad.

Personal assistant Siri also sets to be a feature, with consumers being able to control their television with voice commands. The games industry is something that has never interested Apple before, although the popularity of gaming on iOS has probably changed its mind. The ability to stream video games on an Apple TV will more than likely be available, meaning Apple can try and compete with Microsoft, galaxy a50 antutu score a20 antutu score Sony and Nintendo for huawei y6 2019 antutu score a chunk of the lucrative console gaming market.

With a strong team in place and huawei y6 prime 2019 antutu score plenty of tricks up their sleeve, it seems the future is bright for Apple. With the brilliant Jonathan Ive still designing a raft of new products and those closest to Jobs still at the helm, you can be sure that Apple will be around for years to come.
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