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What part of the plant is an apple

The apple is the fruit of a tree.

tcl液晶ipl32c电源与逆变器板维修Botanically speaking an apple is the hypantheum of the apple flower.

Which part of a plant does an apple come from?
An ovary is the part of the plant an apple comes from.

What part of a plant is a apple?
An apple is the testicle of the tree!

What part of plant is an apple?
None, an apple grows on a tree...

What part of the plant does applesauce come from?
Apple sauce is made from apples, the fruit of the apple tree

Is an apple on a tree considered an organism or part of an organism?
An apple on a tree is part of the organism which is the tree. The fruit of a plant is actually its swollen ovaries.

What part of a plant does a apple come from?
Apple trees flower in the spring and samsung galaxy a50 antutu the apples come from the flowers in the fall.

Is Apple Blossom a tree or a plant?
an apple blossom is a part of the apple tree. there for it is (just like the name says) an apple blossom. the blossom will then turn into an apple once it is pollonated by a bee.

Is a bell pepper a fruit or huawei y7 prime 2018 antutu score a vegetable?
A fruit is the part of a plant that contains the seeds- think about apples and apple seeds. Vegetables are a fleshy part of the plant that can be eaten- think of cabbage, carrots, galaxy a8s antutu ranking s8 plus samsung galaxy s10e antutu score score lettuce. A bell pepper is the fruit of the pepper plant.

Is an apple a fruit or a plant?
I'd say both * The apple is the fruit of the apple tree (plant).

Is apple a plant?
Apple is not a plant it is a fruit. it is so yummy and samsung galaxy a50 antutu delicious.

Can you plant apple seeds from a real apple?
Can you plant seeds froma real apple??? The answer is (plants tree)... Yes

Can you plant apple tree from seeds?
yes you can but It will fell weard to plant an apple

How does apple juice affect plant growth?
apple juice puts mold on the soil and kills the plant slowly so no don't water your plant with apple juice.

Maranon fruit is from?
The maranon fruit, also known as the cashew apple, is part of the cashew plant. It is attached to the cashew nut.

What happens if you plant the seed of apple?
an apple plant will grow into an apple tree. but it's most likely to grow a different type of apple than the type you planted :)

What plant does an apple come from?
the apple tree.

What is the parent plant of an apple?
an apple tree

About apple seeds?
What about apple seeds? If you plant them they will grow.

What season do you plant a apple tree?
The best time to plant an apple tree is late spring early summer.

Are apples a vascular plant or nonvascular plant?
neither. an apple is a fruit. it comes from an apple tree wich is vascular

Is an apple tree long-day or samsung galaxy s10e antutu score a8s antutu ranking short-day plant?
Apple is short day plant

What are vacuoles made by?
Vacuoles are a part of plant cells that store sugar and water. When you bite into an apple, the juice that comes out is from vacuoles. So I guess... Plant cells make vacuoles... To answer your strangely worded question.

What are the parts of an apple?
What plant parts make up an apple

Are apples a vascular plant or nonvascular plant or both?
Apple is a vascular plant

What plant do apples come from?
They come from an apple tree not a plant.

What is the structure inside an apple that grows into a new plant?
an apple seed?

Where do you get an apple in harvest moon island of happiness?
plant a apple tree......

Is an apple an angiosperm or a gymnosperm?
An apple is a flowering plant, so it is an angiosperm.

How to get mini ben?
you plant black snap apple black snap apple black snap apple

Do apple seeds produce new plants?
The only plant apple seeds can produce are apple trees.

Why did Johnny Appleseed want to plant apple seeds?
for making apple whiskey

When you eat an apple you are eating me what am i?
Plant use from the atmosphere to make food An apple

In an apple flower which part will turn into an apple?
It depends on which apple the apple fruit or the Apple company

What is the name of the middle part of an apple?
The middle part of an apple is called the 'core'

教育 正文  1,先标a o <strong>e</strong> , 再标 i u ü .Would a plant respond faster to soap or apple cider vinegar?
a plant would respond faster to the apple cider vinegar because its ingredients are much more harmful tp a plant or flower

Is an apple a seed?
No-- An apple is the fruit of a plant. The seeds for apple trees are on the inside of the apple fruit in what is commonly known as "the core" no it is not, but apples produce seeds.

How do you get pink snap apple?
to get a snap apple you have to be a member and when you plant it it will grow and be a random color

If you plant an apple seed will that type of apple grow?
If the environmental conditions allow for it, yes.

What affect does apple juice have on plant growth?
Hi, Yes apple juice does have an affect on plant growth because of the acids and food colouring within the drink.

What part of a plant does cornflakes coffee tea oatmeal peanut butter aplesauce?
Cornflakes are obtained from grains of corn Coffee is obtained from coffee beans Tea comes from leaves of tea plant Oatmeal comes from the whole grain of oat Peanut butter comes from the seed kernel of ground nut and apple sauce is obtained from the fruit pulp of apple.

What is the scientific name custard apple leaf?
The plant you are referring to is called "May Apple". The small ripe fruit is edible in the fall. The rest of the plant is poisonous. It is called "May Apple" or "Custard Apple" though it is not known why - the fruit ripens in the fall, as stated above.

What are marijuana seeds?
Marijuana is the female cannabis plant. Because it's a plant, it grows seeds to make more plants. For example, an apple has seeds inside of it. If you burry and apple seed it will grow a new apple tree.

Is apple juice made of some sort of plant?
yes it's made of apple juice!!!! yes it's made of apple juice!!!! yes apple!!!!!!!!!!!

How many apples are in an apple seed?
There are no apples in an apple seed due to the germantion but if you plant the seed it will aventually grow into either an apple or an apple tree x

Does apple juice make a plant grow?
yes because apple juice is high in calcium

Is apple a flowering plant?
No, an Apple is either a flowering tree or a computer company. Whichever you are talking about.

How do you farm apples?
Plant an apple tree?

Is there an apple computer manufacturing plant in Portland Or?
No, there is not.

What part of the apple has the most fiber?
the peel of the apple.

Cucumber is flower vegetable?
Cucumber is a fruit. Because the part that we eat is the part of the plant that contains the seed so really it is a fruit, just like tomato, pumpkin, apple, capsicum. The flowers come first they are fertilized, then the fruit develops.

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