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Is it an apple or an apple

An apple. 'A' is a vowel hence there is an 'an' and not 'a'

Are school dinners good for you?
no they are not if you eat more than one school meal in a row you will turn into an an an an an an an a an an an an an an an an ...... annoying orange... hey hey hey apple hey apple hey apple hey hey hey apple hey apple hey apple hey hey hey apple hey apple hey apple hey hey hey apple hey apple hey apple hey hey hey apple hey...

What kind of apple that is not in apple tree?
the apple that is not on an apple tree is the yellow apple. A yellow apple is a real apple, so it grows on an apple tree. A "road apple" is not a real apple. A "road apple" is horse dung.

In what kind of foods might you find apple?
You can find apple in such foods as: apple sauce apple pudding apple dumplings apple pie apple tart apple crumble apple cobbler apple strudel apple muffins apple danish pastry baked pork and apple apple- stuffed chicken breast

What is the difference between comparing apple to apple and comparing apple with apple?
Apple to Apple is like against. Apple with Apple would be together. That makes no sense. Sorry!

What are apple trees used for?
Apple trees are used by humans to harvest apples. Apples are used to make Apple Butter Apple Juice Apple Pancakes Apple Cider Apple Sauce Apple Cookies Sparkling Apple Juice

In an apple flower which part will turn into an apple?
It depends on which apple the apple fruit or Antutu Top Ranking the Apple company

Why do they call an apple an apple?
Because its an apple because its an apple

What is the difference between apple juicw and samsung galaxy s10 antutu score apple cider?
Apple juice is filtered apple cider. Apple cider comes directly from the apple.

What is the name of the 3rd computer that apple built?
The third computer that Apple built was either the Apple II Pus or, if you group all the Apple II variations together as a single model, huawei mate 10 antutu score huawei honor 20i antutu score 20 pro antutu score the Apple III. The sequence up to the Apple III was: galaxy a20e antutu score ▪ Apple I ▪ Apple II ▪ Apple II Plus ▪ Apple IIe ▪ Apple IIc ▪ Apple IIGS ▪ Apple IIc Plus ▪ Apple III

What are the first 3 apple computers?
Apple I Apple ][ Apple ][E

What kind of apple was the apple in Apple Records?
The apple can only be explained as a Beatle's apple... for they are beyond Granny Smith

What is a howrse silver apple?
There is no such thing as a silver apple. There is a golden apple and used to be a diamond apple but there is no silver apple. Answer 2: A silver apple is when they used to have a golden apple but the coat they had was removed from the listing Answer 3: A retired golden apple coat

Is a dessert apple a cooking apple or an eating apple?
if it is a cooked desert e.g apple crumble it will probably be a cooking apple. if it is a fruit salad it will be an eating apple.

Is there an apple called an Indonesian Apple?
There are no Indonesian Apple, the most popular apple in Indonesia is Manalagi Apple (apple from the region of Malang, East Java - Indonesia)

What 5 food products contain apple?
apple pie, apple juice (made from real apples!),apple wine, apple soup and apple tea!

What are the movies with apples in the title?
Apple (1995) Apple (2011) Apple (2012) Adam's Apples (2005) The Apple Dumpling Gang (1975) The Apple (1980) The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again (1979) Noon Blue Apples (2002) The Apple (1998) Under the Apple Tree (2014) The Apple War (1971) Newton's Apple (1983) Adams Apples (2011) God, Sex & Apple Pie (1998) Apple Stories (2012) Apples (I) (2010) Under the Apple Box (2012) John Apple Jack (2013) Apples and Oranges (2012) Red Apples Falling (2009)...

What was the first apple?
The first computer made by Apple was the Apple I this was followed by the Apple II and then the Apple III. The first apple tree was grown in the Nile river valley.

When did eve eat the apple?
Apple? What Apple??

WHAT Apple is the apple icon?
Macintosh Apple.

Which is correct an apple or an apple?
An apple is correct.

What are 3 products that Apple sells?
Apple computer, Apple I-pod, Apple I-phone

What kind of apple grow in Jamaica?
Otaheite Apple, Star Apple and Custard Apple.

What is the difference of apple cider and apple juice?
apple cider is fizzy and apple juice is not

What is an apple blossom?
An apple blossom is a flower of an apple tree which will eventually turn into an apple.

What was the first apple computer called?
"The Apple Personal Computer Kit" or simply "the Apple" After the Apple II came out it was referred to as the Apple I

If you have an apple and you give that apple to an apple and an apple eats an apple how many apples are left?
hey nikki its aria! (swaggy is watching you)

Is an apple an apple?
Though there are many varieties, an apple from a tree will always be an apple.However, an Apple computer can never be an apple from a tree. And while you can cut and divide up an apple (from a tree) and have it still be an apple (in pieces), you can never cut and divide up an Apple computer and have it still look like or work like an Apple computer.

Do apple pips grow?
no an apple pip does not grow the apple pip grows into an apple but the pip still stays inside the apple Yes, an apple pip is a seed and the flesh of the apple is just a protective covering. If you plant the pips from an apple and water them some of them should grow.

What is an Apple product that hasn't been so successful?
Apple Newton Apple / Bandai Pippin Apple III Apple USB Mouse Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh Apple TV

What is in an apple martini?
The appletini, also known as the apple martini, is a cocktail containing vodka and apple juice, apple cider, or apple liqueur.

What type of apple begins with the letter g?
Green apple, aka Granny Smith Apple Gala apple Golden delcious apple

Beverage starts with A?
apple cider apple martini apple juice apple smoothie apple and ______ smoothie amazing cocktail use your imagination!

What happens when you boil an apple?
When you boil an apple, the juice from the apple will come out. The apple breaks into pieces and thickens as a liquid, perfect as apple sauce.

What is the sign for apple?
The general symbol for Apple computers is an apple with a big bite out of it. It is currently a white apple, but it used to be a rainbow-striped apple.

Why was the Apple Company called 'Apple'?
because they like 'apple' more than 'orange'

Why is the Apple logo an apple?
Because an apple is the perfect logo to represent a company named Apple.

What is the answer to apple plus apple is?
if you say apple plus apple...it's already two apples!

What fall words start with letter a?
apple apple tree apple cider apple pie

What can you get from the apple?
can we get a vitamins from the apple and apple cam benefit...

Why is there an apple on apple macs?
It is because the apple is the logo for Apple Inc. The Apple Logo are Exclusively Licensed to Apple Corps LTD (The Beatles)and Apple Computer copied the Logo. Apple Corps Ltd (The Beatles) took Apple Computer to court,and a deal was reached that Apple Computer could use the Logo has long has it had nothing to do with Musical Content. EMI own the Exclusive rights to the Logo.

What are some phrases with the word apple in them?
the apple of one's eye an apple a day keeps the doctor away the apple doesn't fall far from the tree one bad apple spoils the bunch comparing apples and oranges the big apple (referring to New York City) How do you like them apples? the apple of discord as American as apple pie an apple for the teacher don't upset the apple cart

Why is a bitten apple the symbol for apple computers?
I thought it was because the apple refers to the apple of newton and the bit from the apple refers to the tree of wisdom (bible)

Which apple will rot first?
i think a green apple will rot first than a red apple because a red apple is the most strongest apple.

what did the boy apple say to the girl apple?
Rumor has it that the boy apple called the girl apple "fresh".

Is an apple a flower?
No. An apple is the result of a fertilized apple tree flower. It is the seedcase of an apple tree. The fruit.

How do you say 'apple' in French?
an apple - une pomme The French word for apple is "pomme".

What part of the plant is an apple?
The apple is the fruit of a tree. Botanically speaking an apple is the hypantheum of the apple flower.

Does apple wood come from an apple tree?
yes indeed apple wood does come from apple trees

Where can you get an apple laptop?
You can go to the Apple website Store, at Authorized Apple Resellers, or at an Apple Retail Store.

Can you substitute apple cider for apple juice?
NO!! apple cider is way better than apple juice

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